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Sit Down Forklift

Indoor / Outdoor Lifts

Sit Down forklifts and counterbalanced trucks are the most popular lift type available and are used in a variety of applications both indoor and outdoor. They are most effective in warehouses and environments where the operator doesn't need to get in and out of the truck frequently after a load is moved. Contact us to buy or rent a Sit Down Forklift.

Stand Up Electric


Stand-up Forklifts and Electric Riders are designed primarily for indoor use, where the operator must get on and off the truck frequently. Their ergonomic, agile, and eco-friendly designs make for practical yet effective additions to almost any warehouse. Contact us to buy or rent a Stand Up Forklift.

Reach Truck

Indoor / Warehouse Lifts

Reach Trucks or Reach Forklifts are designed for use in warehouses with narrow aisles less than 10.5 ft. Rather than bringing the operator up to the shelf, Reach Forklifts reach into the shelf to grab the desired materials and bring them down to the operator. Contact us to buy or rent a Reach Forklift.

Order Picker

Indoor / Warehouse Lifts

It's not always practical or efficient to pull whole pallets down off of shelves. That's where Order Pickers come in. Order Pickers are designed to lift the operator to and from shelving and hard to reach places for easy and efficient retrieval of materials. Contact us to buy or rent an Order Picker.

Walkie Stackie

Manual / Electric Indoor Lifts

If you have ever wanted assistance pulling a heavy load on a pallet jack, you've subconsciously wished you had a Walkie Stackie. Sometimes referred to as Walk-Behind Pallet Trucks, these machines were made to be the helping hand you've always needed when moving materials across a floor. Contact us to buy or rent a Walkie Stackie.

Pallet Jack

Unpowered Forklifts / Electric Pallet Trucks

Featuring two forks - raised and lowered by pumping a hydraulic handle - Pallet Jacks are used to assist in the manual transportation of pallets and other materials across a warehouse floor. Electric Pallet Trucks can be used to transport loads across a warehouse floor that might otherwise strain an operator. Contact us to buy or rent a Pallet Jack.

Rough Terrain

Construction Forklifts

Also called all-terrain forklifts, rough terrain forklifts are designed to perform well on any surface. Their large pneumatic tires, increased ground clearance, and diesel engines provide the power and acceleration needed to excel in any environment. Contact us to buy or rent a Rough Terrain Forklift.


Telescopic Construction Forklifts

Designed for lifting and placing materials on rooftops, construction zones, and other hard to reach places, Telehandlers are versatile machines great for most outdoor jobs. They tend to be hard to come by however, so we take special care to make sure we always have some in stock for you. Contact us to buy or rent a Telehandler.

Scissor Lift

Indoor / Outdoor Aerial Lifts

Scissor Lifts are designed to lift an operator and materials vertically to a destination via a work platform. They are best used for jobs such as ceiling construction, sign hanging, painting, and other maintenance projects where it is safer and more convenient to use a scissor lift than a traditional ladder. Contact us to buy or rent a Scissor Lift.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Attachments / Others

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