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Learn the Forklift WorldYou have the right to know what you're talking about

What use is 260+ years of collective industry knowledge if we keep it all to ourselves?

Discount Forklift believes you have the right to know the same things we do. How to Troubleshoot your forklift, what Conditions you can purchase one in, how to get OSHA certified and more. We like transparency here.

OSHA Certification ClassesGet the certification you need from anywhere

Learn about our OSHA Forklift Safety Certification classes and how you can register for the next one.

Troubleshooting Forklift ProblemsA helpful guide to fixing your equipment

Experiencing issues with your forklift? Check out our ever-growing forum of mechanical questions and solutions you can use to get your forklift working again.

The 5 Forklift ConditionsHow our forklifts are categorized for sale

New forklifts are straightforward but buying used can make it hard to know what you're getting. We take the guesswork out of buying used by providing a quick guide on how we classify the condition of our forklifts.

Just the FAQsYou've got questions, we've got answers

Do forklifts have titles? How can I calculate my lifting capacity? Is buying a forklift a good decision for my business?

Check out our FAQs for answers to the most common questions we get asked, and don't forget to swing by our blog for some of the broader topics we can help you with!

(Coming Soon)The Discount Forklift BlogTrends, guides, and rawhides

Whether you're looking for a first-time buyer's guide, an industry professional trying to keep up with new trends, or you're just dying to know more about Discount Forklift's dogs – we've got a blog article for that.

(Coming Soon)The Forklift WhispererThe man, the Rick, the legend

After wrenching on forklifts for 40+ years you learn a thing or two about how to keep them running.

Follow Discount Forklift's master mechanic Rick Grasso as he troubleshoots common issues with forklifts while also tackling his personal mission to fix the disappointing lack of comedy in the educational field - as only Rick could.

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