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Get to Know Our Nationwide Company

A fun matchmaking experience between equipment & their operators

We have all purchased something in person, and most of us have purchased something online. We can all agree the experiences are different.

There's just something about being there and interacting with what you're investing in, trying it out, and learning about it for yourself before you buy that brings peace of mind to the process.

We always enjoy facilitating in-person visits with our customers, but what if they're too busy and online purchasing is both easier and more convenient?

Discount Forklift reception area

The Story of Discount Forklift

How forklift matchmakers started

A Letter from our customer

Discount Forklift began the quest to give all buyers the same peace of mind and build trust buying equipment in the growing online world; just like you get buying in-person.

After years of witnessing the same customer experience, Brian Firkins was perplexed yet saw the vast potential of online business.

E-commerce was on the rise, which had given people more access to products and services, but the heavy equipment industry had fallen behind.

"How can we give our customers access to heavy equipment solutions when they can't always touch and drive the equipment? How can we be different than the rest of the forklift industry and build high levels of trust with consumers online?"

These questions are what drove Brian Firkins to open the innovative Discount Forklift Denver in 2008.

Taking over 17 years of experience working at his father's heavy equipment company, and a management team he had worked with for years, Brian and the new Discount Forklift team became determined to bring a trustworthy, innovative, and convenient solution to purchasing forklifts online.

Our CEO and CFO smiling
Forklift photoshoot

By combining many personalized high quality images and user-friendly quotes, with detailed inspections, a Condition tier system, Virtual test drives, live video chatting, some "Matchmaking" fun, credible 3rd-party reviews, online digital OSHA Certifications, logistics and delivery services and more, Discount Forklift has continued to grow exponentially and evolve successfully.

To date, Discount Forklift has 3 physical locations (Denver, Vegas, and Phoenix) facilitating your equipment needs nationwide, with so much more to come!

Discount Forklift Denver

Headquarters - Est. 2008

The front of our Denver office
The front of our Vegas office

Discount Forklift Vegas

1st Satellite Location - Est. 2019

Discount Forklift Phoenix

2nd Satellite Location - Est. 2020

The front of our Phoenix office
The front of our DFW office

Discount Forklift DFW

3rd Satellite Location - Est. 2024

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