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The care and quality you can expect

Trust is a big factor in any transaction, especially when it comes to doing business. To conduct business without trust is to forfeit standards, and to forfeit standards means to forfeit your business.

We get it, which is why we believe you should know exactly what you're getting when you buy or rent a forklift from us – from the moment we receive it to the moment it ships off.

Get to know just how Discount Forklift treats its' forklifts through our 8-step process: from arrival to delivery.

Female equipment operator in a hardhat


Gathering first impressions

The first thing we do once we receive a forklift is check and make sure the serial number matches the Bill of Sale so we can be certain we have the lift we purchased.

We make note of important features and measurements such as tire sizes as well as the overall Condition of the forklift.


Added to Inventory

Getting on the roster

The forklift is then inducted into our company inventory and officially added to our website. Actual pictures of the lift, or images of a "sister-truck" may be added at this time based off of the initial condition report.

This is done to showcase what lifts we have in stock immediately as well as which lifts will be fully serviced and revitalized in the coming weeks.

This also gives our Matchmaker team the opportunity to gauge interest in the lift, and ensure all repairs, fluids, filters, and it's upcoming paint job will be fresh for the interested customer.


Inspection and Repairs

Health and hydration check

The lift is then taken to our warehouse inventory team where it undergoes a deeper and more thorough inspection.

During this process, both major, and minor repairs are scheduled with our in-house mechanics, and any parts requiring replacement or found to be missing are ordered. All fluids and filters are swapped out at this stage as well.


Paint Job

Makeup for the glow-up

After all repairs have finished and fluids and filters have been replaced, the forklift gets a new paint job.

Typically, the paint job will depend on the Condition tier of the forklift and which level we intend to sell it at. If the forklift needs it, we also apply fresh decals, manufacturer stickers, and OSHA Kits.


Customizations and Attachments

Accessories and "Job Training"

Once our Equipment Matchmaker team has found a new home for the forklift - and it has undergone all previous steps in Our Process - the Matchmaker team will approach our shop staff about accessories, custom paint jobs, and any forklift attachments requested by the customer that need to be included before shipment.

The forklift is then accessorized accordingly, trained for its new position (by adding the requested attachments), and awaits the final stages of our process.


Secondary Inspection and Check-off

Making sure she's ready for the customer

Our Equipment Matchmakers refuse to let a forklift leave the shop without a personal inspection.

So once the forklift has been tailored to the needs of the customer, the Matchmaker who sold the lift will enter the warehouse and do one final inspection to ensure everything is as requested, and formally check-off the lift for its Virtual Test Drive.


Virtual Test Drive

Working the runway

Matching forklifts to businesses nationwide means business owners can't always drive their new forklift before it ships, which is why we offer Virtual Test Drives of our forklifts.

Post final inspection and check-off, the Equipment Matchmaker will hop on the forklift and our media team will shoot an unedited video of the operator performing every feature and movement the customer's forklift has to offer and send the video directly to the customer.



Out into the real world

Once the customer receives the video, verifies everything is in order, and payment is received, the forklift is loaded into one of our freight trucks and sent off to its new home!

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