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Why Choose Us

What makes us better equipped to serve you

There's a reason behind all the talk of "solutions to your problems" and "matching you to the right equipment." We understand the vast difference between feeling "SOLD" instead of "LISTENED TO & UNDERSTOOD." We empathize with how important it is to trust the information in front of us.

Building trust is what actually started Discount Forklift! We'd like to elaborate more on our company, staff, process, and the ways we make ourselves accessible to you so we can establish a healthy relationship built on mutual trust, respect, and confidence.

Learn why you should choose to partner with us for your equipment solutions.

Forklift sign
Discount Forklift company sign

Introducing Our Company

The quest that sparked it all

From a mission that started in a 100 sq ft room, to a nationwide company with over 5,000 forklifts matched to new homes, Discount Forklift has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 2008.

While the company has grown immensely, one thing has stayed the same since the first day we opened…

Meet Our Employees

The staff who personify our values

A special bond is formed when people come together for something they believe in, and our staff is quite diverse.

From former law enforcement and military, to business owners, musicians, and professional athletes - meet those who call Discount Forklift home and aim to embody our values and mission every day.

Also our dogs, come meet our dogs.

Employees having a laugh
Employee explaining our process

Our Process for Delivering Solutions

Our unique approach to solving your equipment needs

Each forklift goes through our 8-Step Process before being shipped to you, and we thought you might like to know what that process looks like.

Have you ever taken a virtual test drive of a forklift before? If you haven't, just consider that as one of the many ways we've built our process so you can trust you're receiving the perfect solution for your equipment needs.

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