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OSHA Forklift Safety Certification

Get certified from anywhere in the world

Did you know Discount Forklift offers OSHA Forklift Safety Certifications for classes I - V? We are happy to certify up to 5 of your employees for FREE if you purchase one of our forklifts from our inventory.

Need more than 5 employees certified, or not a customer with us? Don't worry! We're still happy to help at a flat rate of $175/person.

Forklift driving test

Class Schedule & Location

Attend in-person or a virtual setting

Last Thursday of Every Month
9:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time
In-Person: 4905 Lima Street, Denver, CO 80239
To register, click the button from one of the class options below.

In-Person Class

Gain hands-on experience in a real environment

  • Get a Step-by-Step walk through on how to perform forklift inspections
  • Take part in a Forklift Driving Course for new operators
  • Meet our office dogs
Forklift instructor teaching a student
Equipment operator learning from home

Virtual Class

Learn from your home or company location

  • Choose your learning environment
  • Save money on travel costs
  • Great option for those getting re-certified

Trying to decide which version is best for you? The difference between the In-Person and Virtual classes is the hands-on aspect of training that can only be experienced In-Person. During In-Person training, the instructor works directly with the class and has students go through a Pre-Operation Inspection List to ensure proper knowledge. With the Virtual class, this hands-on training is not possible. If you want the most economical and time-friendly training that's well suited for shops with some experienced drivers, Virtual might be for you. If you have new drivers with limited experience, In-Person may be the best choice!

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