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Discount Forklift® provides education and training on safety and operation.

No matter if you're buying or renting we know that safety is first and foremost. That’s why we want to ensure that anyone who operates a lift is able to access safety information.

When you attend an on site training or purchase one of our online training packages, you will have the ability to read and interpret specific OSHA standards that apply to forklift safety and operation. This will allow you and your team to feel confident in OSHA standards in order to comply and avoid fines. We give you the tools and the step by step procedure to make it easy and effective!

Anyone responsible for OSHA compliance, such as line workers, drivers, human resources, safety managers, team members, entry level or part time positions should all take a certification course in order to be knowledgeable about the requirements set forth by OSHA and/or your company.

Read more about OSHA standards on forklift safety from this link.

Learn what we can do for your certification solution today by checking out our classes and packages from this link or call us at 877-779-9431.

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Created by Matthew Anderle on 2019-05-03 from the USA
Bronco Fan Forklift

WE MIGHT NOT BE IN FOOTBALL SEASON BUT WE ARE ALWAYS IN THE MOOD TO SHOW OUR TEAM SPIRIT! Check out this cool Denver Broncos Lift our team in the paint shop put together! Discount Forklift supports the home team.