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Easy process to sell or consign your equipment

At Discount Forklift we're more than happy to purchase any equipment you're selling or looking to replace. We offer convenient equipment appraisals and consignments from our expert team.

Sell us your forklift and look for an upgrade if you're in the market, or trade your lift in and put the money towards something better. Sell us your problem so we can help you find a solution.

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Filling out an appraisal form

We Appraise Your Forklift

Let the experts evaluate your equipment

In the market to sell your lift but don't quite know what to write on the price tag? We've got you covered. 260+ years of combined experience selling 91 different forklift brands has taught us a lot, and we're happy to share that knowledge with you.

Fill out our quick and easy Appraisal form to get started.

Consign Your Equipment

Delegate the sale of your forklift to us

Haven't gotten around to selling your old equipment yet? Consider consigning your forklift through us!

We'll send out one of our freight drivers to pick up your equipment to bring it in house and take it off your hands. We'll make necessary repairs, broadcast your listing to our network of buyers, and collaborate with you on offers made.

Learn more about our consignment process and fill out the form on our consignment page to begin.

Consigned equipment with a sold tag
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