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The Way We Do Consignments

Thank you for choosing to consign your equipment through Discount Forklift. By completing the form below, you are agreeing to hire Discount Forklift to sell your equipment on your behalf. In turn, our sales department will diligently utilize our significant marketing and sales resources, networks, and contacts, to effectively sell your equipment. Our goal, always, is to sell your equipment at the best price in the least amount of time.

By entering into this consignment agreement, the consignor (you) agrees to completely relinquish all rights and interests in marketing and selling the consigned equipment. This is to avoid a conflict of interest whereas Discount Forklift and the consignor are competing to sell the same piece of equipment. Should the consignor receive any leads that might be useful in facilitating the sale of the consignor's equipment, we kindly ask the consignor inform Discount Forklift's Equipment Matchmaker team.

Discount Forklift has an obligation to its buyers' to ensure that any equipment sold is in "Rental Ready" Condition. If Discount Forklift reasonably determines that a consigned lift cannot be sold in its current condition, Discount Forklift will perform service work as necessary to restore the lift to "Rental Ready" Condition. The service work performed by Discount Forklift may include, but is not limited to, body work, painting, seat replacement, necessary repairs for effective operation, required compliance servicing, and mechanical work including repair and/or part replacement if deemed necessary.

Discount Forklift will deduct all fees specifically incurred in the course of performing necessary service work on the consignor's forklift to be made "Rental Ready" from the proceeds payable to the consignor in the event of a sale.

At all times during which Discount Forklift maintains actual physical possession of the consignor's equipment (and during such time Discount Forklift may claim an insurable interest in the consignor's equipment), any and all transactions related to or associated with the consignor's equipment at Discount Forklift's facility will proceed in compliance with all conventionally applicable company processes, governing policies, and controlling procedures. Discount Forklift is not responsible for theft, damage, or loss of any equipment within its facility. The consignor assumes all risk.

If, at any time prior to sale, the consignor chooses to remove the associated equipment from consignment, the consignor agrees to reimburse Discount Forklift for all costs that Discount Forklift incurs during any portion of the consignment process, including but not limited to: charges, fees, and expenses for freight, parts, paint job, repairs, and any other associated additional costs. The consignor will also agree to pay a flat storage rate of $10 per day while the consignor's lift remains in Discount Forklift's facility.

Discount Forklift reserves the right to request removal of the consignor's equipment from Discount Forklift's facilities at any point in the consignment process. Once request for removal has been initiated, the consignor has 72 hours' notice to remove the equipment before storage fees will be incurred. Discount Forklift must receive payment of ALL costs associated with returning the consignor the consigned lift, prior to authorizing the release of the consigned equipment and accommodating removal from Discount Forklift's facilities. Costs include, but are not limited to: freight, parts, repairs, paint job, etc.

At the moment of transaction during the course of sale in which Discount Forklift receives a negotiated "down payment" specifically tendered for application to the purchase of the consignor's equipment, the consignor's equipment will be considered "SOLD" upon receipt of said down payment. Once the consignor's equipment is sold, the consignor's equipment CANNOT be removed from consignment. Discount Forklift pledges to physically retain the consignor's equipment until such time the buyer's full payment has been received by Discount Forklift.

After Discount Forklift receives from the buyer, unconditionally and in good funds, the full and final purchase price to which Discount Forklift and the buyer mutually agreed – Discount Forklift will issue to the consignor a check, draft, or other item in the amount to which Discount Forklift and the consignor mutually agreed.

Discount Forklift does not directly charge the consignor to sell the consignor's equipment. The fees associated specifically with consigning the equipment and storing equipment post-purchase are charged to the new buyer until such time as the buyer takes possession of the purchased equipment.

Consign Your Lift with Us

Let us sell your equipment for you

Have you ever looked at your forklift, taken your hat off, scratched your head, and said "Man, how on earth am I going to find the time to sell that thing?"

Not to worry, we do consignments here at Discount Forklift, and we'll even fix it up for you if it's not in running shape. We have an extensive network of options to sell your equipment and offer trade-ins if you need to replace it.

For all the nuts and bolts of the agreement, please read The Way We Do Consignments. Get started today by reviewing Our Consignment Process and filling out the form below.

We will never sell your personal information
A handshake deal and money

Our Consignment Process

Learn how we take care of your machine

The Owner/Consignor (you) sets your own price. That is the price we will get for your piece of equipment. We do not charge a fee. We do not keep a percentage. We take the owner's consigned set price and we will ask anything above and beyond that. That is how we keep our lights on and pay our employees. When we negotiate we are only negotiating our own potential profit, not yours.

We clean the machine up and then do a professional photo shoot and video of your machine. We have 60+ websites all over, as many as 25 full-time salespeople and invest over $100,000 per month to generate 3,000+ "warm and fuzzy" leads. The majority of our equipment sells in less than 90 days, but more realistically less than 30 days. When we get the unit sold and paid in full, we pay the owner the same day we receive funds less any costs incurred to make the unit in "Rental Ready" condition.

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